2017 Annual Conference Presentations

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The conference presentations are listed below. They are listed in the order they were presented at the conference.  Posting a conference presentation does not imply that FSA confirms the accuracy of any of the statements made in a presentation, nor that the Association supports or endorses any of the conclusions or recommendations contained in a presentation.

Wednesday (Pre-Conference)
PC01 - ERP Program: Evaluating Stormwater Management Program Effectiveness [Bull, Ornberg, Potts, Weed]
PC02 - Tour of Local Stormwater Projects - No Presentation

Opening Address: Looking Ahead at Water Policy [Busby,Henderson] - No Presentation
Opening Session: Critical Issues in Water Quality and Supply [Caldwell, Bartlett, Henderson, Busby] - No Presentation
01 - Reclaimed Water a Diverse Project Portfolio [Torres, Baird, Brown, Shortelle]
02 - Planning for the Future: How One City Prepares for Sea Level Rise [Eason, McGowan, Tobin]
03 - Stormwater Treatment Technologies for Septic Tank Effluent and Reclaimed Water [Wanielista]
04 - Forecast Based Controls - Ormond Beach Update and Alternative Use Cases [Finley, Hlas]
05 - Coastal Tidal Flooding - A Tidal Valve Program [Diaz]
06 - Finding Fecal Sources in 60 Days [Nash]
07 - Reclaimed Water a Diverse Project Portfolio [Torres, Baird, Brown, Shortelle]
08 - Lake O Discharges and Toxic Algae Blooms [Hughes, O'Donnell]
09 - Using MS4 Permit Data to Improve Performance and Planning [Monroy]
10 - Forecast Based Controls - Ormond Beach Update and Alternative Use Cases [Finley, Hlas]
11 - Tools for Behavior Change: Regulations, Social Marketing, and Outreach [Greco]
12 - Implementing MS4 and TMDL Requirements: Lessons Learned [O'Connor, Pasquel]
13 - First Get Them to Look - and Laugh [Ryan]
14 - Locals Vote to Lead Indian River Lagoon Improvement Projects [Barker, Frick]
15 - Stormwater Improvements Enable a Resilient Community [Hayes, Shannon]
16 - What's in Reclaimed Water and Where Does It Go? [Lusk]
17 - Emerging Technologies [EcoSense International, Env Conservation Solutions, HaloKlear, Porous Technologies
18 - Achieving BMAP Credits with a Unique Non-Structural Approach [Brawley, Nelson, Gregory]

19 - City of New York MS4 Permit Activities [Poliseo, McClelland]
20 - Nutrient Loading Rates from Irrigation with Reclaimed Water [Arrington]
21 - Incremental Stormwater Successes on a Local and Regional Scale [Braun]
22 - Diverse Watershed "Wise" Stormwater Solutions [Spirio]
23 - USDA - Funding for Stormwater Projects [Morris, Langston]
24 - Performance Evaluation of Undersized Stormwater Retrofits [Bean]
25 - Restoration of Impaired Waters - What are We Really Trying to Do? [Harper]
26 - Florida's IWR: Fifteen Years of Listings, Delistings and Relistings [Borkowski]


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