2013 is the Florida Stormwater Association's 20th Anniversary!

Since the founding of the Association in 1993, FSA has grown to over 300 organizational members, and the depth and breadth of our services has expanded significantly.Our Leadership has made great strides in stormwater management policies and programs, and services delivered to our members . We invite you to take this time to learn more about our history and join us in celebration of the past 20 years. It is our utmost desire for you to continue this journey with us as we evolve in the future.

Past Presidents at the 2013 Conference
(Left to Right) Chuck Walter, Brett Cunningham, Stephen Lienhart, Joanie Regan, Dorian Valdes, Kim Ornberg, John Buss,
Mary Anne Connors, Patrick Collins,
Scott McClelland, Theresa Connor, Keith Fogarty, Blake Guillory, and Sam Amerson.

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20 FSA Accomplishments in 20 Years of Leadership in Stormwater

Advocacy & Legislative

  • Helped write and pass SB 444 (2005) that implemented Florida’s TMDL program and provided over $120 million in funding for water projects.  Developed a Manual on TMDL implementation that was distributed statewide.

  • Actively participated in the legislative process to preserve the ability of cities and counties to implement source control measures (like fertilizer ordinances), to protect water quality in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • Provided easy-to-understand legislative information and updates of the passed legislation are now provided to members via webinar at no charge.


  • Continuously updated and improved www.florida-stormwater.org - a robust resource, communications and management tool with an interactive calendar, online registration, easy to update member profiles and a free job board.

  • Developed FastTracks, FSA’s e-newsletter which has grown from a single printed page mailed to member organizations in 1994 to a valuable online resource sent directly to each member’s desktop 10 times a year.


  • Hosted 36 statewide conferences across the state, from Jacksonville to the Florida Keys training over 6,500 attendees.

  • Created the FSA Training Center in 2007, which has since held over 125 seminars, webinars and certification courses attended by over 3,000 stormwater professionals in Florida.

  • Obtained recognition of FSA Training Center courses by FDEP as fulfilling IDDE and SPCC training requirements for MS4 permittees.

  • Awarded $16,000 in scholarships to Florida graduate students studying stormwater science, engineering or finance.


  • Partnered with the City of Gainesville in their (successful) appeal to the Florida Supreme Court that upheld to their stormwater utility fee.

  • Was the first association of local governments (in 2009) to intervene in the federal litigation on NNC.  FSA remains actively involved in that issue at the state and federal levels - in court, the legislature and in the regulatory processes.

  • Filed a “Friend of the Court” brief in the U.S. Supreme Court supporting Los Angeles County, California in their successful appeal holding that stormwater moving from one part of a waterbody to another does not require a new permit.


  • Grew from a group of 10 cities and counties in 1993 to a robust organization with over 300 organizational members, including cities, counties, corporations, WMD’s and academic institutions.

  • Provided 30 cities and counties with Awards for Excellence/Outstanding Achievement in stormwater programs or projects.

  • Served on numerous policy and technical advisory committees representing stormwater interests, including the Impaired Waters Technical Advisory Committee, the TMDL Allocation Technical Advisory Committee, the Water Quality Trading Policy Advisory Committee, the Waterbody Reclassification Policy Advisory Committee, and others.

Research and Resources

  • Conducted a statewide Stormwater Utilities Survey every two years since 1995.  The Survey Report is provided to FSA members free of charge and has become recognized as the primary source of information on stormwater utilities in Florida.

  • Tracked and recorded SWU rates and ERU size for over 150 jurisdictions in Florida for the last 15 years; posted the data on the FSA website for easy access by members.

  • Created the FSA Educational Foundation in 2005.  Raised $225,000 in 2008 to fund the “MS4 Assessment Tool” project, quantifying the load reduction values of common MS4 maintenance activities.  FDEP now requires the results of the FSAEF project to be used by all permit holders, resulting in nutrient load-reduction credits worth millions of dollars to local governments.

  • Published the manual “Establishing a Stormwater Utility in Florida” in 1998.  Copies were provided to the city/county manager, engineer and Mayor/Chair of every local government in Florida.  The Manual was revised and updated in 2003 and in 2013.

Past Presidents of the Florida Stormwater Association

(showing employer during year of presidency)

1993-95      John Buss, City of Tallahassee
1995-96      Dorian Valdes, Metro-Dade County
1996-97      J. Emery Swearingen, City of Gainesville
1997-98      William G. Chamberlain II,  City of Orlando
1998           Andrew Austin, City of Hialeah
1998-00      Patrick Collins, City of Venice
2000-01      Joanie Regan, City of Cocoa Beach
2001-02      Scott McClelland, CDM
2002-03      Mary Anne Connors, Volusia County
2003-04      Keith Fogarty, City of Dunedin
2004-05      Stephen Lienhart, URS Corporation
2005-06      Sam Amerson, City of Stuart
2006-07      Blas Gomez, City of Tallahassee
2007-08      Chuck Walter, City of Tampa
2008-09      Blake Guillory, Brown and Caldwell
2009-10      Kim Ornberg, Seminole County
2010-11      Michael Bateman, NWFWMD
2011-12      Theresa Connor, Sarasota County
2012-13      Brett Cunningham, Jones Edmunds and Associates
2013-14      Jim Hunt, City of Orlando
2014-15      L. Derrik Owens, City of Pensacola
2015-16      Virginia Barker, Brevard County