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The conference presentations are listed below. They are listed in the order they were presented at the conference.  Posting a conference presentation does not imply that FSA confirms the accuracy of any of the statements made in a presentation, nor that the Association supports or endorses any of the conclusions or recommendations contained in a presentation.

Wednesday (Pre-Conference)

PC01 - Somebody’s Gotta Do It!  Planning for Sea Level Rise and Severe Flooding Events [Beach, Charnas, Goolsby, Hammer Levy, Vazquez]


Opening Address: What’s Next?  Celebrating FSA’s 25th Anniversary! [Busby, Buss, Grim, Hammer Levy, McClelland] - No Presentation
Opening Session: New Directions in Water Quality [Valenstein, Gettle, Busby] - No Presentation
01 - Update on FSAEF’s MS4 Assessment Project v2.0 [Sansalone, Bateman]
02 - Promoting Green Infrastructure & Increasing Resiliency through a Stormwater Manual [Hammer Levy, Benwell]
03 - Hurricane Irma and SWFWMD's Approach to Proactive Watershed Management [Fulkerson, Boulicault]
04 - Optimization Analysis of Lakeland's Street Sweeping Program [Hardin]
5 - Update on New York's MS4 Permit Activities [McClelland, Poliseo]
06 - Leveraging Existing Watershed Models for Flood Forecasting Purposes [Singhofen]
07 - Florida Springs Restoration:  The Time is Now, and Here’s How! [Fitzgerald, Frick]
08 - Ocala, FL:  From CRS Class 8 to 3 - Strategies and Lessons Learned [Lanier, Pandya]
09 - Hurricane Irma and SWFWMD's Approach to Proactive Watershed Management [Fulkerson, Boulicault]
10 - Nature-Friendly Canal Management May Save Money [Ryan, Brennan]
11 - Emerging NPDES Regulation of Groundwater [Pappas]
12 - Leveraging Existing Watershed Models for Flood Forecasting Purposes [Singhofen]
13 - Passive Steps Towards Floodplain Restoration - The Story Continues [Honour, Ornberg]
14 - Receiving Approval to Fund Casselberry's Stormwater 10-yr Master Plan [Doig, Fitzpatrick]
15 - Dual-Use Stormwater Retention Systems [Wanielista, Colona]
16 - A Perfect Storm - A Neighborhood Rehabilitation Project [Jensen, Comerford]
17 - Emerging Technologies [DeepRoot, Xylem, CBI Systems, Hydro International
18 - The Stormwater Benefits of High-Performance Urban Trees [Bailey]


19 - Development of Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Adaptation Plan [Swanson]
20 - Hidden Sources: Measuring Groundwater Loads to the Indian River Lagoon [Souto, Listopad, Alvarez]
21 - Linking Data Collection, Stormwater Modeling, and Capital Improvements [Medina, Petrica, Dunham]
22 - West Palm Beach's Stormwater Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program [Suarez, Mercado]
23 - Integrated Water Resource Planning and FDOT's Involvement [Spirio]
24 - Green Infrastructure Bike Tour: A Fun, Creative Way to Meet MS4 Goals! [Williams, Vanderbeck]
25 - Citizens' Suits: Bringing Scofflaws to Justice or a Shakedown for Fees [Borkowski]
26 - WOTUS, SCOTUS, POTUS, and some Hocus Pocus [Jazil]

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