2017 Winter Conference Presentations

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The Conference presentations are listed below in the order they were presented at the Conference.

WEDNESDAY (Pre-Conference)

PC01 - Use of Reasonable Assurance Plans as Alternatives to TMDLs [Janicki, Busby, Cunningham, Espy, Grim]
PC02 - Tour of Local Stormwater Projects - No Presentation


OS - Welcome and What's Ahead for 2018? [Busby, Cyphers, Goff, Green] - No Presentation
01 - Public-Private Partnership Reduces Harmful Discharges [Corbett, Gunsalus]
02 - Highly Sophisticated Integrated Models for Urban Stormwater [Loinaz]
03 - Proactive TMDL Compliance Strategy for OSTDS Replacement [Wingfield, Gregg]
04 - Growth Signaling Long-Term Investment in Expansion of CCWSD [Yilmaz]
05 - How to Get Private Ponds to Carry Their Load and Support Water Quality [Weed, Vandergracht]
06 - Sometimes the Answer is Just No [Schrager]
07 - EPA 319(h) and TMDL Water Quality Restoration Grants [Barr]
08 - Nitrogen Reduction Strategies for the Caloosahatchee Estuary [Peene, Kreiger]
09 - Improving Watersheds through Community GI Infrastructure Planning [Carpenter]


10 - Guiding Water Resource Decisions Using WQ Monitoring Data [Janicki, Levy, Wessel]
11 - Use of an ArcNLET Model to Obtain N Load Reduction Credit [Bengtsson, Tilton]
12 - Unseen Aspects of Sea Level Rise: Accounting for Groundwater Impacts [Troilo, Drummond]
13 - The Front Lines of Sea Level Rise: A Resilient Design [Whitfield, Kaimrajh]