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Accomplishments Timeline

1993 The Association formed as the Florida Association of Stormwater Utilities (FASU). A group of city and county members met in Orlando and decided to start an association to have a collective voice for the stormwater community offering education and providing resources to stormwater professionals. Founding members, along with a grant from the FDEP, provided the necessary funding to start the Association.
1994 FASU published its first newsletter to share stormwater specific news to professionals across the state.
1995 FASU held its first statewide Conference and published the results of its first Survey of Stormwater Utilities creating the baseline of stormwater utility information across the state.
1996 FASU launched its website and membership passed 100 organizations for the first time.
1998 FASU worked to amend the law to let stormwater projects use the State Revolving Fund providing additional funding opportunities for stormwater programs. That same year FASU also published the first manual on Establishing a Stormwater Utility in Florida that is now in its third edition. This document provided step by step guidance on how to create a stormwater utility, a funding mechanism to grow and support stormwater departments/programs across the state.
1999 FASU helped pass the Florida Watershed Restoration Act also known as the "TMDL listing law." This law identified methods that the FDEP would use to develop and implement Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).
2001 FASU changed its name to the Florida Stormwater Association (FSA). As stormwater evolved there was a need to broaden the Association's scope from "utilities" to all things stormwater. 
2002 FSA joined the City of Gainesville in a successful appeal to the Supreme Court on the validity of stormwater utility fees.
2003 The FSA Educational Foundation (FSAEF) was created to assist in expanding and improving education, training, and research for the stormwater management profession. The FSAEF does this by providing scholarships, conducting research and developing tools that save members time and money.
2004 FSA and FDEP published a TMDL Implementation Manual and traveled around the state providing educational workshops to stormwater professionals and public officials.
2005 FSA helped write and pass legislation (SB 444) implementing Florida’s TMDL program that provided over $120 million in funding for water projects. 
2007 The FSA Fogarty Training Center was formed in 2005 with Stormwater Operator Certification courses beginning in 2007. This was the first consistent statewide certification training program for stormwater operators. 
2009 FSA was the first association of local governments to intervene in the original federal litigation concerning Numeric Nutrient Criteria (NNC) for the State of Florida.
2011 FSA's first MS4 Assessment Project was completed. The results were incorporated into the “FSA MS4 Load Reduction Assessment Tool,” recognized by FDEP. The Tool calculates the nutrient content of sediment removed during common maintenance activities.  Those results are reported by MS4 permit holders to FDEP and load reduction credits are given to the jurisdiction during the BMAP process.
2013 FSA helped pass the Numeric Nutrient Criteria Implementation legislation.
2015 FSA led Waters of the United States (WOTUS) litigation on behalf of local government interests nationwide.
2019 FSA launched its Conference App to use at education events to support sustainable initiatives.
2020 The Florida legislature passed SB 712, the Clean Waterways Act, requiring FDEP and the Water Management Districts (WMDs) to initiate rulemaking to update the statewide stormwater design criteria. FSA represented your interests throughout the process, advocating a rule that protects Florida's surface and groundwater systems.
2022 FSA announced it's first volunteer award recognizing the efforts and dedication of our outstanding volunteers, naming it after the late Jim Hunt with the City of Orlando.
2023 FSA celebrates 30 Years of Leadership in Stormwater Management.


 Thank You to FSA's Past Presidents (showing employer during Presidency term)

  • 1993-95 - John Buss, City of Tallahassee
  • 1995-96 - Dorian Valdes, Metro-Dade County
  • 1996-97 - J. Emery Swearingen, City of Gainesville
  • 1997-98 - William G. Chamberlain II, City of Orlando
  • 1998 - Andrew Austin, City of Hialeah
  • 1998-00 - Patrick Collins, City of Venice
  • 2000-01 - Joanie Regan, City of Cocoa Beach
  • 2001-02 - Scott McClelland, CDM
  • 2002-03 - Mary Anne Connors, Volusia County
  • 2003-04 - Keith Fogarty, City of Dunedin
  • 2004-05 - Stephen Lienhart, URS Corporation
  • 2005-06 - Sam Amerson, City of Stuart
  • 2006-07 - Blas Gomez, City of Tallahassee
  • 2007-08 - Chuck Walter, City of Tampa
  • 2008-09 - Blake Guillory, Brown and Caldwell
  • 2009-10 - Kim Ornberg, Seminole County
  • 2010-11 - Michael Bateman, NWFWMD
  • 2011-12 - Theresa Connor, Sarasota County
  • 2012-13 - Brett Cunningham, Jones Edmunds and Associates
  • 2013-14 - Jim Hunt, City of Orlando
  • 2014-15 - L. Derrik Owens, City of Pensacola
  • 2015-16 - Virginia Barker, Brevard County
  • 2016-18 - Tiffany Busby, Wildwood Consulting
  • 2018-19 - Judy Grim, Volusia County
  • 2019-21 - Kelli Hammer Levy, Pinellas County
  • 2021-22 - Elliot Shoberg, City of Clearwater
  • 2022-23 - Elizabeth Perez, Collective Water Resources