Member Services

The Florida Stormwater Association provides top quality training and education, networking, information sharing, and advocacy services for stormwater professionals. Since its formation in 1993, our list of services has grown to include the following:

Training and Education

  • Two statewide conferences and one seminar each year that are recognized as the best in Florida concerning stormwater management.
  • Numerous stormwater operator certification events through the FSA Fogarty Training Center.
  • Awards Program recognizing stormwater professionals for outstanding projects and programs each year.
  • Free webinars on topics that matter most to our members.

Networking and Information Sharing


  • Active, well-respected involvement in the state legislative processes.
  • Active involvement in the state rule-development process, including petitioning for rule development and representation on numerous agency Technical Advisory Committees.
  • Active involvement in the federal rule adoption/development processes.
  • Primary engagement in numerous, precedent-setting cases in both state and federal courts defending the interests of stormwater utilities and local stormwater programs.