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FSA Stormwater Excellence Awards


The Excellence Awards are given annually to public sector member organizations
who have demonstrated a high level of distinction in stormwater programs, projects, and public education efforts. FSA recently expanded the program by adding a new award category and broadening eligibility to academic member organizations!

Award nominations may be made in three categories:

  • Stormwater Program - Sustained demonstration of excellence in public sector stormwater department or division. Considerations include ongoing and frequent development and implementation of innovative projects, a stable and talented staff, adequate funding, noteworthy responsiveness to water quality improvement challenges, etc.

  • Stormwater Projects - Successful implementation or outstanding projects in one or more areas of pubic sector stormwater management or finance, including stormwater utilities, permit compliance, intergovernmental coordination, best management practices, water quality improvement, illicit discharge detection, etc.

  • Public Education Efforts - Outstanding or innovative stormwater public education or social marketing efforts, by the public or academic sectors, that reach target audiences and elicit behavior changes that reduce stormwater pollution sources.


To recognize outstanding Stormwater Programs and Projects in the profession of stormwater management and the benefit they provide to the environment and local citizenry.

Timelines and Deadlines:

January-February = Accept Nominations
March = Committee Judging and Selection of Winners
April = Winners Notified
June = Awards Announced at Annual Conference

Judging and Criteria:

The Membership Committee reviews and ranks nominations. The Executive Committee reviews the recommendations and determines the final award winners.

Announcements and Presentations:

Announcements of the winning submissions and presentations of the awards are made at the FSA Annual Conference in June. Award winners are given the opportunity to make a presentation on their project or program at the Winter Conference in December. Cooperative partnerships are eligible for submission; however, only one award will be provided for each winning nomination.

How to Apply:

When we are accepting nominations you will see a "Nominate Now" button above.  The form and supporting materials must be submitted to FSA by the deadline indicated. Only FSA public sector and academic members are eligible to receive awards. Previous award winners may apply again.