The Florida Stormwater Association Educational Foundation’s (FSAEF) Scholarship Program awards financial assistance to qualified students attending Florida colleges and universities whose educational interest is in stormwater research, management or finance.  In 2020 the FSAEF will be offering three $2,000 scholarships.  The 2020 scholarships will be announced in October and the award will be presented at FSA's Winter Conference.

Applications are accepted annually from graduate students in colleges or schools of engineering, natural science, public administration (or closely related fields) that have an interest in stormwater quality, management or finance. Eligibility is limited to students in good standing that are enrolled in a graduate program at a Florida college or university. The deadline to submit an application for this year's scholarships was August 7, 2020.

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Meet the 2019 Scholarship Winner: Mohammad Shokri!
Mr. Shokri is pursuing his PhD in Water Resources Engineering at the Stormwater Management Academy of the University of Central Florida (UCF). His research focuses on stormwater hydrology, management, and treatment. He holds two Master's Degrees from West Virginia University (Geology) and Shahrood University of Technology in Iran (Hydrogeology). His interest in water resources sparked when he was an undergraduate studying the vulnerability of karst aquifer systems to contamination by surface water.  This led him to research innovative and integrative Best Management Practices (BMPs) for stormwater management in karst areas of Florida. His dissertation included characterizing nutrient loads from roadway runoff and testing efficiency of biosorption activated media (BAM) in unique engineering designs, including blanket filters for stormwater retention basins and Vegetated Filter Strips for roadway shoulders. Through each of his studies, he is focusing on connections between surface hydrology of stormwater and subsurface transport to vulnerable water systems.

FSAEF President, 2019 FSAEF Scholarship Winner, FSA President

Pictured left to right - FSA Educational Foundation President, Brett Cunningham,
Mohammad Shokri, and FSA President Kelli Hammer Levy.