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About Keith Fogarty

Keith Fogarty has 40 years of experience in stormwater permitting and maintenance, primarily while serving as a municipal Public Works Division Director.  Responding to the need for high-quality, professional training of stormwater field staff, in 2005 he took the initiative and led the effort to create FSA’s Training Center.  He co-authored the curriculum for FSA’s Certified Stormwater Operator Programs and was one of its first trainers.  Mr. Fogarty is also a certified inspector and trainer for FDEP’s Stormwater, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspector Training and Certification program, as well as a certified Heavy Equipment Operator instructor.  Mr. Fogarty was a member of FSA’s Board of Directors for several years and served as the Association’s President in 2003-04.

Keith Fogarty receives an FSA Service Award upon designation of the
Fogarty Training Center by the Board of Directors in June 2016