2020 Annual Conference Presentations

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The conference presentations are listed below. They are listed in the order they were presented at the conference.  Posting a conference presentation does not imply that FSA confirms the accuracy of any of the statements made in a presentation, nor that the Association supports or endorses any of the conclusions or recommendations contained in a presentation.

Wednesday (Pre-Conference)

PC01 - Getting Maximum Use of Your Stormwater BMPs
            [Cunningham, Herr, Williams]  ||  View Recording


Opening Session: Welcome
[Hammer Levy, Ruane] - No Presentation
[Frazer]  ||  View Recording

01 - 2020 Legislative Session Review
       [Spitzer]  ||  View Recording
02 - Incentivizing Stormwater Management for Older Florida Communities
       [Holland, Yavuz]  ||  View Recording
03 - Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Biosolids
       [Janicki, Perry]  ||  View Recording
04 - Stormwater Outfall Resiliency Master Planning in Nation's Oldest City
       [Beach, Ellard]  
||  View Recording
05 - Basin Management Action Plans in the Northern Everglades System
       [Davis, Saltos, Coyne]  ||  View Recording
06 - Cooperative Management Initiative for St. Joseph Bay
       [Thurman]  ||  View Recording
07 - Future Conditions 100 Year Flood Map for Resiliency
       [Ellard, Loper]  ||  View Recording
08 - Cooperative Efforts Succeed in Improving Wakulla Spring Water Quality
       [Saquibal]  ||  View Recording
09 - Emerging Technologies
       [Hanes Geo, Oldcastle Belgard, Porous Technologies, Wood]  ||  View Recordings
10 - Development of an Emergency Warning System for Lakes
       [Shah, Dicus]  ||  View Recording
11 - An Innovative "Smart" Stormwater Harvesting Treatment Train System
       [Hardin, Chua Corn]  ||  View Recording


12 - Sediment Restoration of Muck Impaired Waterways
       [Szafraniec, Lumbard]  ||  View Recording
13 - Coastal Resilience Index
       [Pisarello, King]  ||  View Recording
14 - Restoring the Historic Hydrologic Divide
       [Van Heden, Gregory]  ||  View Recording
15 - Keeping Ahead of Sea Level Rise - A Holistic Approach
       [Hiscock]  ||  View Recording
16 - Integrated Hydrologic, Quality, and Ecological Restoration at Lake Eva
       [Herr, Li]  ||  View Recording
17 - Machine Learning Applied to Sewer Overflows and SLR
       [Meyers, Landry]  ||  View Recording
18 - Sediment Nutrient Release - It's Not Just for Eutrophic Lakes!
       [Harper]  ||  View Recording
19 - Stormwater Outfall Resiliency Master Planning in Nation's Oldest City - Encore
       [Beach, Ellard]  ||  View Recording
20 - An Introduction to Isotopic Tracers in Stormwater Runoff
       [Ahearn]  ||  View Recording
21 - Where is All This Water Coming From?
       [Denison]  ||  View Recording
22 - Innovations in Stormwater Utility Funding
       [Burnham, Westover]  ||  View Recording
23 - A Faster Road to Water Quality Restoration
       [Cunningham, Espy, Janicki]  ||  View Recording
24 - Trends in Stormwater Utilities in Florida
       [Lienhart]  ||  View Recording
25 - Dear Mayor, Our Street Flooded. Again! What is Your Plan to Fix It?
       [Diaz, Nagel, Morales, Pierce]  ||  View Recording