2020 Winter Conference Presentations

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The Conference presentations are listed below in the order they were presented at the Conference.

TUESDAY (Pre-Conference)

LR - Laws, Rules and Ethics for Professional Engineers [Bayo]

WEDNESDAY (Pre-Conference)

DEP01 - Pending Changes in Biosolids Permit Rulemaking
               [Barker]  ||  View Recording
DEP02 - Update on ERP Stormwater Rules and Review of 10/2 General Permit
               [Rach]  ||  View Recording
DEP03 - Revisions to the General Permit for Phase II MS4s
               [Crane-Amores]  ||  View Recording
DEP04 - Florida's Assumption of the Clean Water Act Dredge & Fill Permitting Program
               [Mason]  ||  View Recording
DEP05 - Community Stormwater Needs and Public Educational Materials
               [Peck, Brown]  ||  View Recording
DEP06 - Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards
               [Joyner]  ||  View Recording
DEP07 - New BMAP Provisions Addressing WWT and OSTDS
               [DeAngelo]  ||  View Recording
DEP08 - Alternative Restoration Plan Survey and Data Display
               [Homann, Ralys]  ||  View Recording


OS - Welcome, Opening Address & Awards
        [Truitt]  ||  View Recording
01 - Making the Technical Accessible: Innovating Watershed Management
        [Moore, Winstanley]  ||  View Recording
02 - Using Interactive Digital Storytelling to Engage the Public
        [Carpenter, Pieschek]  ||  View Recording
03 - City-Scale Rapid Inundation Mapping - An Alternative to First Street
        [Gregory, Heidecker]  ||  View Recording
04 - DSS for Operation of a Network of Storage Ponds for Mitigating Floods
        [Leon]  ||  View Recording
05 - Pinellas County Landscape and Fertilizer Ordinance: A Ten-Year Review
        [Ryczek]  ||  View Recording


06 - Updating Statewide Stormwater Design Criteria - Take #2
        [Cunningham, Williams]  ||  View Recording
07 - Sustainable Solutions for Integrated Watershed Management
        [Spirio]  ||  View Recording
08 - Tune in to Flip My Florida Yard for Innovative Public Education
        [Peck, Brown]  ||  View Recording
09 - Investigation of Fecal Sources Impacting An Urban Creek
        [Hardin, Lotti]  ||  View Recording
10 - Estimating Pollutant Loads for the SBEP is SIMPLE?
        [Perry, Wessel, Leverone]  ||  View Recording