2021 Winter Conference Materials

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The Conference presentations are listed below in the order they were presented at the Conference.

WEDNESDAY (Pre-Conference)

PCW - Floodplain Mitigation Tools and Lessons Learned
            [Singhofen, Boulicault]  ||  View Recording
            [Amstadt] || View Recording


OS - Welcome and Opening Address
         Truitt ||  View Recording

01 - Taking the PAIN out of NPDES Reporting - The City of Orlando’s Story
        Chittaluru, Elkin, Furman, and Tipaldos  ||  View Recording

02 - Adoption of Smart Stormwater Ponds in Florida
       Marchese, Thomasson  ||  View Recording

03 - FSAEF Stormwater BMP Life-Cycle Costing Tool
        Cunningham, Kelly  ||  View Recording

04 - Business Case for Resilience in Southeast Florida
        Eason, deBoer ||  View Recording

05 - Resiliency Planning! What’s It Going to Take?
        Kalaydijian  ||  View Recording

06 - Projecting Stormwater Needs – Reporting Tool
        Bateman || View Recording


07 - Community Playbook for Healthy Waterways: Inspiring Community Action
        Shafer, Thaxton  ||  View Recording

08 - Developing and Managing Your Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan
         Anderson, Mannello  ||  View Recording

09 - Navigating Regulatory Hurdles to Improve Water Quality
        Szafraniec, Smith  ||  View Recording

10 - Piney Point: How Local Entities Have Stepped Up to Address the Insult
        Janicki, Sherwood and Beck  ||  View Recording

11 - Springs Protection Assessment Using Nitrate Isotope Analysis
        Divers, Warren ||  View Recording